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Hybrid Life: Coverage on Your Own Terms

Fidelity Life Association's Hybrid Life is unlike any other**. It's an innovative new level premium term life insurance policy that allows you to get covered immediately - there's no waiting for months to get your application processed. Most policies can be approved within 24 to 48 hours!

Why wait? Coverage is available NOW at very competitive rates.

Hybrid Life is initially a blend of benefits paid for any cause of death*** and, until medical underwriting is complete, additional benefits limited to accidental death. This allows you to get covered immediately. In most cases you can then improve your coverage by eliminating or reducing the accident only limitation without a premium change by completing the medical underwriting at your convenience within 6 months of the policy issue date.

Just answer several simple health questions to apply for your coverage.

And once you're covered under Hybrid Life, policy benefits can only improve if you follow through by submitting to a medical exam to confirm the status of your health represented on your application. You cannot be denied continued coverage if you don't have a medical exam right away. In fact, you are not even required to have an exam, and you'll still continue to receive your coverage as originally issued.

Plus, Hybrid Life comes from a company you can trust: Fidelity Life Association.

Fidelity Life has over 100 years of experience and an Excellent (A-) A.M. Best Rating, so you can be sure of the same dependability, quality, and flexibility that Fidelity Life is known for.

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**Patents pending.
***Except those specifically excluded in the policy.
†For the latest rating, please access

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